Propper Crye Precision MULTICAM ACU Uniform Jacket, Better than BDUs

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Item DescriptionWhy settle for an outdated BDU style of uniform shirt when you can have the MultiCam™ Combat shirt from Propper? Based on the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) construction specification, the MultiCam Combat Coat uses the licensed pattern from Crye Precision on Propper's 65% polyester / 35% cotton Battle Rip fabric. This coat is slightly longer than the milspec ACU so it can be tucked in if desired. Tilted chest pockets and sleeve pockets provide ample storage. Hook and loop facing is also provided on the upper-sleeve pockets for affixing insignia.

These are made from genuine Crye Precision fabric by Propper, the leading supplier of uniforms to the U.S. military, you know they are a high quality product. (Each item has the MultiCam hang tag.) That means you get one of the best camouflage patterns available from one of the leading manufacturer's of combat apparel.

About MultiCam

You probably know that MultiCam is one of the most popular camouflage systems out there and may even be aware that is being used by an increasing number of units going into harms way. But why is this so popular? The short answer is because it is so effective. We believe it is far more effective in a mix of real word environments than the U.S. Army's universal digital camouflage system. Here's an explanation from the MultiCam web site:

MultiCam is a single camouflage pattern designed to help the wearer hide in varied environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions. It was designed to address the real-world need for concealment in different environments, with one basic kit of gear. While there are many great location-specific patterns. MultiCam is designed to work well across a very broad range of environmental conditions when observed in both the visual and near Infra Red (night vision) spectrums.

The pattern is subtle enough to reflect some of the surrounding colors of the environment. It takes on an overall green appearance when under a green forest canopy and an overall tan look when in the open desert. By adapting to varying local lighting conditions, the pattern blends well in many environments, elevations, seasons, weather conditions, and times of the day.

The design takes advantage of the way the human eye/brain perceives shape, volume and color. By using proprietary high resolution digital fades from one color to another, the colors and shapes of the pattern become hard to recognize and define. The wearer's profile begins to loose its edge and fades into whatever color or shape surrounds him. It works on the principle that an observer can see something but still not recognize it as anything to be interested in. Since only a very small portion of the human eye perceives color, the brain does a lot of “filling-in” for the eye. MultiCam™ takes advantage of this principle and helps the observer to “see” the pattern as part of the background.

The scale and contrast of the pattern elements are designed to work well when observed from both distant and close ranges. We all know the idea is to break-up or disguise the human form, but without a ghillie suit or a rock to get behind, this is typically done with heavy contrast between large elements of a pattern. However, high contrast, large element patterns stop working in open terrain (e.g. "chocolate chip" in open desert.) They also tend to stop working as the observer gets closer to the camouflage, since the large pattern elements end up being out of scale with the highly detailed surroundings of the observer. MultiCam™ relies more on a blending effect than a contrast effect to disguise the wearer. This effect allows it to perform in a wide range of environments, and keeps the pattern effective even at close distances.

MultiCam is a trademark of Crye Precision.

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