Orange Air Force CWU-27P Style Flightsuit

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Item DescriptionThis is a civilian version of the military CWU-27P flightsuit made from poly/cotton fabric. And while it doesn't offer flash protection, it does help protect your clothes from paint, oil, grease, and other dirt. So keep one in your car, your truck or your workshop instead of your flight locker and you can keep clean whether you are working on your vehicle or crawling around in the crawl space.

This suit has a front zipper as well as leg zippers and multiple zippered pockets. The leg and arm cuffs are adjustable as is the waist. If you get the correct size, the suit will have enough room to allow you a full range of motion and to sit and stand comfortably.

These come in one standard length only, so if you are over six feet tall or have a long torso, we do not recommend these. If you are six feet or under, please use the following chart and pick the one that fits your chest measurement:

CHEST SIZES33 - 37"37 - 40"40 - 43"43 - 46"46 - 49"49 - 52"52 - 55"55 - 58"58 - 60"

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