Voodoo Tactical 15-9334 Shooting Mat and Rifle Drag Bag

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Item DescriptionOK, we admit we're biased, but we think this is the best drag bag/shooting mat combination on the market. After all, it was designed and tested by military and law enforcement snipers and is intended for use by their fellow professionals.

Take a look at these features, and we think you will agree this bag is the one you will want:

The outside offers a convenient carry handle and a full backpack-like shoulder harness so you can easily carry your mat and your rifle out to the firing line or deep into the field. Additional straps are provided so you can attach a backpack (like our Matrix pack) to the top this bag for additional carrying capacity.

Also on the exterior is a padded pouch for your spotting scope (fits up to an 80mm objective lens) and a large padded pouch for electronics, binoculars, rangefinders or other accessories you want to protect.

Of course, being a drag bag, it has a drag handles on the nose, but the handles store into convenient pouches when not in use. The backpack straps also have an integral storage pouch. Multiple exterior surfaces have MOLLE Webbing so you can add additional MOLLE compatible pouches or accessories.

Un-snap the securing straps and unzip the heavy duty self-healing zipper, and the real fun begins. The bag unfolds into three sections, plus a fold-out leg panel at one end and a fold-out extension on the front to keep your muzzle blast from throwing up dust and giving away your position or obscuring your sight picture.

At the top of the mat are anti skid pads that offer a solid platform for your bipod. Large Velcro areas allow you to position your accessories where you want them, including one of our ammo pouches or our sniper data book. A zippered pouch for accessories and tools is also provided.

When you are ready to stow your weapon away, there are two padded retention straps and a padded muzzle protector to help lock your weapon into place. Simply strap your weapon into place (holds a rifle up to 48 inches long), refold the mat, zip it up and synch the straps. Your gun will be locked into place and surrounded by thick, impact-absorbing closed sell foam.

The bag is not designed to be used in marine situations, but it is highly weather resistant and offers a high degree of protection for your weapon and delicate optics. The bag itself is constructed from rugged materials with heavy duty zippers and reinforced stress points.

If you have been thinking about a drag bag or a shooting mat, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.

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