BDU Pants, Military Fatigues, Urban Tiger Camouflage

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Item DescriptionUrban Tiger is a rework of the famous tiger stripe BDU pattern. The greens and browns of the jungle are replaced with the black and greys of asphalt and concrete so you'll feel right at home in the city or the shadows. Pants in this camo coloration may not be standard issue in the military, but they have all the features of a mil-spec BDU, including 6 pockets, reinforced knees and seat, and drawstring bottoms. Available in a range of sizes from a 23" waist to a 47" waist and the inseam lengths up to 32-1/5.

Fits Waist in inches
28, 30
32, 34
36, 38
40, 42
44, 46
48, 50
Inseam is 32 inches unless otherwise stated in listing

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