Vintage Vietnam Era 6 Pocket Fatigue Pants, Tiger Stripe Camouflage

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Item DescriptionWe start with the basic military specifications for combat fatigues during the Vietnam era, right down to the 100% cotton rip-stop cloth to keep you cool. Then we pre-wash the pants to soften them and give them a lightly faded look. The result is great new pants with a vintage look, just like you dug them out of a bin at a surplus store. Plus, because these are brand new, you don’t have to worry about the moldy, mildew smell that sometimes accompanies used clothing.

Fits Waist in inches
28, 30
32, 34
36, 38
40, 42
44, 46
48, 50
Inseam is 32 inches unless otherwise stated in listing

Item Description

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