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Survival Cave Food - Canned Beef, Full Case, 12 cans, 28 oz. each

Survival Cave Food - Canned Beef, Full Case, 12 cans, 28 oz. each

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Survival Cave Food - Canned Beef, Full Case, 12 cans, 28 oz. each
  • Great for emergency storage in case of natural or man-made disasters with a shelf life of 15+ years
  • All natural, no preservatives or additives, Ingredients are just chopped beef and a little salt
  • High protein content and no carbs make these a great addition to your long term storage food program
  • Hand selected cuts of USDA inspected beef.
  • Made in the USA from U.S. livestock.
MPN: SCF-BF-12-28


We've been selling long term storage foods for more than 15 years, but we've never seen a food product we like a much as the line of Survival Cave Food canned meats. We highly recommend them as part of your long term storage program. Their canned meat products offer benefits that are unmatched by any other long-term storage food on the market, including foods in pouches or buckets, dehydrated foods in #10 cans, and MREs A few of the benefits these canned meats offer include:

  • Ready-to-eat. Sure, you will probably want to heat it, but because it is fully cooked it is ready to be consumed as soon as you open the can. No need to add boiling water and wait, which is what most freeze dried pouch foods require. No need to soak for hours, which is what most dried or dehydrated fruits, vegetables and beans require. Just open the can and you'll have hundreds of calories -- mostly from protein -- ready for immediate consumption.

    Used cold, you can spread it on a piece of bread and have a roast beef sandwich. If time allows, heat it and use it in any dish that you would add beef to, including stews, pastas, casseroles, chili, beef stroganoff, in a stir fry, in a burrito or taco, or just mix with potatoes and onions for a filling one-pan fry up -- the options are as limitless as your cook book and your imagination.

  • Extremely long shelf life. According to the manufacturer, their special canning process results in a product that the FDA says has an indefinite shelf life. We recommend you store it in a cool location and rotate your stock every 12 to 15 years, just to be safe, but many people trust it for 30 to 35 years. This is completely different than traditional canned meats that usually have a "best-by" date only two to three years down the road. it's a natural choice for your emergency food storage plan.
  • It's all natural. There are no preservatives, no additives, no strange chemical ingredients you can't pronounce. In fact, the only ingredients are beef and a tiny bit of salt. Check a can of meat from the grocery store and see how it compares.
  • Great TastingThis great-tasting meat will satisfy your cravings, regardless of whether you wait for an emergency situation or simply open a can up one evening when nothing in the fridge looks very appetizing. In fact, many people buy these canned meats for regular consumption.
  • High Protein. About 70 percent of the calories in each serving are from protein and none are from carbs. Most long term storage foods or emergency meals are carbohydrate based. Look at some of the pre-packaged entrees in buckets or the food plans base on #10 cans, and you'll see lots of starches like potatoes, oats, rice, pastas, with some fruits and vegetables, but little or no meats. What protein you do get in traditional long term storage food is usually from powdered milk or beans, not meat. Add a few cases of these canned meats to your existing food reserves, and you will significantly enhance your storage food program.
  • Less Sodium. One serving has only 180mg or sodium, just 8% of the daily allowance. That's lower than traditionally preserved meat products, many of which use salt as a curing agent.
  • Made with pride in the U.S.A. The meat is raised on select farms in the U.S. and all processing is done in the U.S. All meats are USDA inspected hand-select cuts that are humanely processed, not mechanically separated. Each can is carefully packed by hand and no water or broth is added. Each can Is slow pressure cooked to result in the most tender cuts of meat cooked in its own juice.
  • Durable cans. These cans are tough, durable, and offer a superior oxygen barrier to keep your food safe for years.
This listing is for a full case of a dozen 28-ounce cans. This is an excellent size for families or groups of four or more. it can also be used in recipes calling fo

DOMESTIC SALES ONLY: This item is subject to export restrictions and cannot ship outside the U.S.

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Warranty 30 days
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UPC 722301221365
MPN SCF-BF-12-28
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